2019-20 Tuition

K ‐ $38,700

1st ‐ $39,300

2nd ‐ $39,700

3rd – $41,000

4th – $41,500

5th ‐ $41,900

6th‐8th ‐ $42,200


Schechter Manhattan is committed to making its education accessible to all families, at all grade levels. Families may apply to pay reduced tuition in either of two ways:

  • A traditional financial aid application: Tuition is set based on parents’ demonstrated ability to afford its cost. In order to provide you with the most seamless experience, your financial aid application and your enrollment process will be handled by the TADS enrollment system. This system will provide a need-based financial aid analysis which ensures that our process for establishing financial need adheres to nationally established standards of best practice. You can find more information about applying for Financial aid with TADS here.


  • A middle-income tuition calculator. This simpler system lets families who need a relatively smaller amount of tuition relief — up to an 18% reduction in their family’s total — check their eligibility anonymously, and if desired, apply quickly and easily. You can explore this system further here.


Our community is committed to ensuring that all business office work, including both tuition payments and financial aid applications, take place in fair, dignified, timely, and appreciative ways.  


Financial Aid applications through TADS or the Middle-Income Tuition Calculator are due by December 3, 2018.

If you have questions about these processes, or about your family’s situation, at any time, please contact the Business Office by phone at (212) 427-9500 or by email at businessoffice@sssm.org