The Schechter Manhattan Difference

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What is the Schechter Manhattan Difference? The Schechter Manhattan Difference is a sum of the following Big Ideas that direct the educational philosophy of the school. The ideas are the foundation of our progressive, rigorous, thoughtful approach to education and building a caring community committed to action. They guide our teaching and learning.

Check out this video to learn more about Schechter Manhattan.

Careful and sensitive observation paired with non-judgemental assessment.

Learning activities designed to guide and support students to figure things out together.

Leading and following with others in order to learn and achieve more.

“Our graduates confidently go forth to meet the intellectual, social, and moral challenges that lie ahead, poised to not only do well in life but to do good in the world…” Schechter Manhattan Mission Statement

Planning for and responding to diverse student learning needs. Helping each child excel in their studies by designing learning opportunities specifically geared to each child’s interests, learning styles, and skills.

Jewish practice is a source of meaning and Jewish learning has wisdom that applies to our lives. Jewish living and learning helps us to reach our goals and continues to compel us towards communal engagement.

Treating others with caring and respect even – and especially – when we disagree with them.

The habit of pausing to think about and learn from experience – for the future.

Creating and teaching systems, structures, and expectations to help students learn to make good choices.

The essential conversation between parents and teachers in which each learns from the other and the child’s development is enhanced through their learning.