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Our excellent Faculty & Staff are the backbone of Schechter Manhattan.

Learn about what makes us special.

Daniella Adler 2 Updated (1)

Daniella Adler

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 239)

Ellen Alt

(Voicemail Extension: 231)

Robin Aronow

High School Placement Coordinator(Voicemail Extension: 265)
Eric Blomquist DSC_0004 (1)

Eric Blomquist

Director of Development and Operations
(Voicemail Extension: 227)
Yolina Cuba_resized

Yolina Cuba

Administrative Coordinator (Voicemail Extension: 221)
Jessica Feiwus (1)

Jessica Feiwus

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 264)
Reyzl Geselowitz

Reyzl Geselowitz

Jewish Studies, Middle School
(Voicemail Extension: 233)
website Rina Goldberg 2

Rina Goldberg

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 211) .
Cynthia Goldberg

Cynthia Schweitzer Goldberg

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 236)
Sam Feldman Greene DSC_0004 (1)

Sam Feldman Greene

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 215)
Debby Hirshman DSC_0004 (1)

Debby Hirshman

Strategic and Institutional Advancement Consultant
IMG_4423 (1)

Joshua Jacobs

Math(Voicemail Extension: 261)
Shira Jacobson

Shira Jacobson

Curriculum and Program Coordinator, Educational Leadership Team
(Voicemail Extension: 207)
Marie Knourenko

Maria Knourenko

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 234)
Allison Levine

Allison Levine

STEAM Coordinator. Science, Middle School(Voicemail Extension: 244)
Benjamin Mann

Benjamin Mann

Head of School
(Voicemail Extension: 217)
Elisa Marcus

Elisa Marcus

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 229)
Debra Nehmud 3 (1)

Debra Nehmad

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 258)
Daniel Ori

Daniel Ori

Music, 4th-8th grades
(Voicemail Extension: 225)
Gary Pretsfelder

Gary Pretsfelder

(Voicemail Extension: 210)
Yocheved Ritig 2

Yocheved Retig

Math and Jewish Studies, Middle School
(Voicemail Extension: 257)
Eti Rosen

Eti Rozen

Music, K-3rd grades
(Voicemail Extension: 232)
Kara Siegel (1)

Kara Siegel

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 263)
Issac Silberstein

Issac Silberstein

School Counselor
(Voicemail Extension: 208)
Ruth Servi

Ruth Servi

Hebrew and Jewish Studies Coordinator, Educational Leadership Team
(Voicemail Extension: 245)
Deanna Stecker

Deanna Stecker

Coordinator of Learning Support, Educational Leadership Team
(Voicemail Extension: 213)
Aliza Weinstock

Aliza Weinstock

Teacher (Voicemail Extension: 219)
website Nadav Wiesel 3

Nadav Wiesel

(Voicemail Extension: 249)
Mike Yarde

Michael Yarde

Director of Maintenance
(Voicemail Extension: 241)