For Our Daughter, For Our Family

For Our Daughter, For Our Family

Earlier this week as I was considering what to write for this post, I thought about how our family has had so many incredible experiences at Schechter Manhattan, but most of them didn’t feel large enough to fill an entire column.

But then I realized something: I had thought about “our family” rather than just “our daughter” and that really struck me. Maybe it’s been said before, but it’s true: this school is not just a place for our kids, it’s a place for our families. From toddler age through pre-K, our daughter Sarah attended a great daycare facility — a place with wonderful, caring staff—but even so, we weren’t prepared for just how much Schechter Manhattan would feel like a community and a home by comparison. And since neither my husband nor I have family in New York, finding a home at Schechter Manhattan has been all the more meaningful to us.

Here are some examples of the community we are part of: eating a Shabbat lunch picnic in Riverside park with a family from our class; comparing notes on recent finds at a slightly cult-favorite boutique downtown with another class mother; bumping into another Schechter Manhattan family at our local swimming pool – we actually bumped into one family while IN the pool and then yet ANOTHER family when we came out – this just made me so happy!

All of these and more are the small interactions that add up to the very big community and family feeling which is truly my favorite thing about Schechter Manhattan. These small things out of which I thought I couldn’t spin an entire story, add up to what make our school different, and just right.


-Jessica Honikman is an art director at an ad agency, focusing on online and branding projects. Her husband, Jeremy Cohen, is an IT professional and an accomplished tenor. Originally from London, UK, they are the proud parents of Sarah Cohen, 3rd grade.

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