Q. What grades does the school include, and how many students are enrolled?

A. The Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan is a kindergarten through eighth grade school with an enrollment of 142.

Q. Where do your graduates go on to for high school?

A. We have sent eight classes of graduates to the best high schools in New York. Alumni families routinely tell us about the ways in which Schechter Manhattan laid the critical foundation for the success their children have had in high school and beyond.
Graduates attend a mix of prestigious Jewish high schools, specialized and other elite public high schools, and highly selective independent high schools. Click here for a complete listing of high school acceptances.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Our school is located on the southeast corner of 100th Street and Columbus Avenue at 805 Columbus Avenue.

Q. Are you accredited?

A. We are accredited by the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) and are members of the New York Guild of Independent Schools. We are chartered by the Board of Regents of New York State as a non-public school, and we are members of the Schechter Day School Network, which is affiliated with Conservative Judaism.

Q. Who started the school, and when?

A. A group of Conservative rabbis, joined by community members concerned about Jewish education for New York City families, began planning the school in 1994. The school opened its doors in 1996 to its first class of 14 kindergartners, under the headship of Dr. Steven C. Lorch.

Q. How large are your classes? How many teachers work with each?

A. We have around 20 students per class.


In the elementary school (K-5), each class is taught by two bilingual teachers, who together share responsibility for the child’s development as a learner across all subject areas, Jewish and general. With two teachers in each elementary school classroom we have a very low student to teacher ratio on average of 10:1.

Middle School students (6-8) have specialist teachers with expertise in the core areas of math, science, humanities and Jewish Studies.


Subjects such as art, music and physical education are taught by specialists in all grade levels.


Q. What is your curriculum like?

A. Our goal is to help students grow into active, skilled, and powerful learners. In all subjects, from math to t’filah, lessons are planned to help students grow in mastery and confidence. Extensive individualized and group work means that teachers spend less time talking at the front of the classroom, and more time listening to and observing students in their individual progress. In kindergarten, we ask students “What do you want to know?” and build their interests into thematic units of study. Older students choose questions to research in individual projects that grow increasingly complex, culminating in Middle School exhibitions in each of the core areas of study.

To access the school’s curriculum guide, which describes our program in detail, subject by subject, grade by grade, click here for Elementary School and click here for Middle School.”

Q. Do you have any after-school or extracurricular programs?

A. For our K-8 students, the after-school program is offered four afternoons/week. Students have a variety of options to choose from such as soccer, chess, yoga, magic, art and more! After-school programs are offered during both the fall and spring semesters and include a late option enabling parents/care givers to pick-up until 6 PM. Middle school students may join the school’s soccer team in the fall or the basketball team in the winter (fifth grade students are invited to join the middle school students or participate in elementary after-school programs). We also offer a 4th-8th grade after school choir.

Q. What's the community like? Are the parents friendly?

A. The school seeks to admit families that identify with school’s mission and philosophy. Just as menschlichkeit is a core principle of our approach to learning, it’s also one of our main expectations for our parent body. Our very active Parents’ Association is charged with helping Schechter Manhattan attain its full potential as a learning and caring community. Workshops on children’s learning and development and opportunities for Jewish learning alternate in the Parents’ Association calendar with fundraisers and community-building events and fundraisers. Class cocktail parties, Parents’ Association picnics and other events are scheduled throughout the year to help build community amongst parents. An annual Shabbaton retreat in June is attended by more than half of the families in the school. Many Schechter parents find that other parents in the school have become their closest friends.

Q. What is your annual tuition?

A. Tuition for the 2019-2020 year is as follows: K ‐ $38,700, 1st grade ‐ $39,300, 2nd grade ‐ $39,700, 3rd – $41,000, 4th – $41,500, 5th grades ‐ $41,900, and 6th‐8th grades ‐ $42,200. Schechter Manhattan is committed to making our education accessible to all families, at all grade levels. Families may apply to pay reduced tuition in either of two ways: through our Middle Income Tuition Calculator or through the traditional Financial Aid process.  Information on this process can be found within the application process on the TADS enrollment system.  Should you have any questions., please feel free to call the Admissions Department at: 212-427-9500 ext. 203.