Community Service

The values of kindness, menschlichkeit, and voluntarism are central to Schechter Manhattan students’ experience, from their first day of kindergarten. Beginning in third grade, students also begin participating in active, age-appropriate service learning. Like our weekly collection of tzedakah money and our annual discussion in every grade about how the children choose to allocate that money, community service is a hands-on expression of the joy and obligation to make our world better.


3rd grade – Penny Harvest & Roundtable School-wide Leaders/Coordinators
4th grade – Project Sunshine
5th grade – DOROT
6th grade – Riverside Park
7th grade – West Side Campaign Against Hunger & FoodChange
8th grade – The Literacy Project


Other community service activities include:

  • Tzedakah Roundtable
  • Yom Chesed
  • Matanot L’evyonim (Purim)
  • Maot Chitim (Pesach)
  • Visits to the Jewish Home and Hospital
  • Weekly tzedakah at Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Parent’s Association tzedakah committee