Application Process

We look forward to working with you during this application process. Please contact us with with any questions (212-427-9500 or admissions@sssm.org).

Schechter Manhattan offers early admissions for kindergarten applicants. Contact the Office of Admissions to learn more.


Click here to fill out your online inquiry form.


Contact the Office of Admissions to schedule your private campus tour or register for admissions events.

5th Grade Tuition Initiative

For a very limited time, new incoming 5th graders, starting school in September of 2019, will receive a special locked in tuition rate of $15,000 per year through 8th grade. This rate does not include fees and families are still welcome to apply for a further reduced tuition via our Financial Aid program. Please apply here for 5th grade.


  • Click here to begin your online application.
  • Schechter Manhattan’s birthday cut-off is December 31. Children must turn 5 by December 31 of the year they begin kindergarten.


  • The application deadline for 2019-20 kindergarten admissions is December 3, 2018. Late applications are accepted on a space-available basis.
  • Applications for grades 1-8 are accepted on a rolling, space-available basis.


Applicants for grades 2 – 8 are required to schedule an evaluation test for admissions purposes. Please note: Schechter Manhattan will no longer be requiring ECAA (ERB) test results for Kindergarten and 1st grade applicants.


Upon receipt of your child’s application, we will contact you to schedule your child’s visit. Playgroups, or group interviews, are held for kindergarten applicants. Half-day visits are arranged for children applying to grades 1-8.


The parent(s) is required to attend a parent interview with the Director of Admissions. You will be contacted to arrange your interview.