Dear Families,

Welcome to our Kitah Bet class page!  We hope you all enjoyed your summer. We’re looking forward to a very productive and fun year.  We’ve got lots in store for our budding readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and Torah scholars and encourage you to check our class page each month.  Our page acts as a window into our classroom.  Each month, we’ll share with you some highlights from the previous month, what to look forward to in the month ahead, important reminders and more. Our theme for the year is community. Aside from studying communities, our students will become experts in what makes a good classroom community, and every unit our students engage in is taught through this lens. Some highlights of Kitah Bet include our Creation celebration, study of the water cycle, and Community Fair.

We look forward to meeting you personally on Curriculum Night, when you’ll be learning more about life in Kitah Bet!


Shanah Tovah,

Daniella and Yocheved


Our overarching goal this month is to foster a cohesive class community and establish rules and routines that will help our students do their best learning.

We have spent the first few weeks of the school year establishing routines and structures for our classroom. Students worked together to create our Community Map with rules to help them do their best in the areas of safety, respect, teamwork, attitude and learning–our community’s values. Throughout the day, we visit the Community Map and students have an opportunity to reflect on what they did well in a particular lesson and what they could do better next time.

During the first week of school, students participated in a scavenger hunt around our classroom to familiarize themselves with their new space. Working with a partner and a list of clues, students enthusiastically tracked down various classroom items such as our glue sticks, markers, scissors, Torah bulletin board, birthday wall, number line, and pencil sharpener.

We participated in a great STEAM activity with Allison! Using straws and tape, students were divided into teams and challenged to build a structure that could hold a small metal weight at the top.


What’s Ahead:

Literacy:  We are a community of readers and writers! We will spend the first month of school establishing routines and structures for our reading and writing workshops. Students will learn good habits of reading and writing and will reflect on what they need in order to do their best reading and writing. This includes learning what literacy workshops should look and sound like, organizing their materials at the start of work time, and strategies they can implement during independent work time. During this unit, students will learn how to pick “just right” books as well as a “just right” reading spot, both for reading at home and at school.  They will also learn how to work together and help each other as reading buddies and writing buddies.  During writing workshop, they will learn that writers get their ideas from memories, observation, their imagination, and things they wonder about. Students will brainstorm lists of ideas and will learn how to choose a topic that is just right for them. They will experiment with writing lists, letters, emails, and flow charts. In reading, students will learn different reading comprehension strategies. The four strategies that we will focus on are visualization, predicting, questioning, and making connections. During this unit, students will begin using their Reader’s Notebook during class to jot down their ideas.

Math:  Creating a diverse community of mathematicians who know how to use math tools, conduct class discussions about math, and work productively with peers is the overarching goal of our first unit. Our students will also be learning how to solve story problems, and practice strategies such as using rods and units, a 100s chart, and number line to solve both addition and subtraction problems. Students will also practice showing their work and explaining their thinking in a variety of ways.

Judaics:  In chagim, students have begun learning that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur mark the beginning of the Jewish Year, and our activities around these holidays will center on teshuva and becoming better people. Kitah Bet students will also study Sukkot and Simchat Torah and learn about the laws and customs associated with each holiday.

Students will begin learning about Rosh Chodesh (the new Hebrew month)! Students will learn about the connection between Rosh Chodesh and the moon and how each month is a complete cycle of the moon with Rosh Chodesh occurring each time there is a new moon. For Sukkot they will learn the hallel service and reflect on what Rosh Chodesh means to them and why it is special.

With the start of the New Year, our students will begin their study of Torah from the very beginning with the story of Creation. This is our main unit of study for the year and it is a fun one!  The students will learn what it means to work with a chevruta (study partner) to engage directly with the text in Hebrew. In addition to learning the vocabulary and meaning of the text, students will create hand motions to accompany each verse as well as torn paper collages to represent each day of creation.


This month also marks the beginning of our first science unit of study: matter!  Students will participate in hands-on investigations to learn what matter is. During this exciting unit, students will learn what it means to be a scientist. They will learn how to “think like a scientist,” make and record predictions, make observations, record results, and analyze data.  Each student will have their very own science notebook that will accompany them in all matter-related lessons and activities.  As well, students have begun coding and learning how to program.


Coming Up:

Wednesday, Sept. 20- Friday, Sept. 22: NO SCHOOL – Rosh Hashanah

Wednesday, Sept. 27: Curriculum Night 7:00p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 29: NO SCHOOL — Erev Yom Kippur

Wednesday, Oct. 4: 12:00 p.m. dismissal – Erev Sukkot

Thursday, Oct. 5 – Friday, Oct. 6: NO SCHOOL – Sukkot

Wednesday, Oct. 11 — 1:30 dismissal – Erev Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah

Thursday, Oct. 12- Friday, Oct. 13 — NO SCHOOL Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah