Dear Kitah Bet Parents,

It’s hard to believe that it is almost Winter Break! The school year is just flying by! The students in Kitah Bet are having an exciting December filled with many full weeks of learning. In theme, we have been working hard on our community maps and are getting ready to present them at the Community Map Fair. In literacy, we finished our reading and writing stamina units. We have been thoroughly enjoying singing Al Hanissim and Hallel during our morning tefillot in honor of Chanukkah, and have been learning about the holiday together as a class.



Daniella and Yocheved


Some other highlights from this month:

We had a special, school-wide chanukkyah lighting and communal singing.

We had a wonderful Grandparents and Special Friends Day. Students, grandparents, and special friends alike all had a wonderful time.

We enjoyed the long-anticipated book fair and had the opportunity to buy books.

Kitah Bet produced still life art with Ellen, using oil pastels. They drew their perceptions of an arrangement of different objects, such as vases, bears, flowers and bowls.

In science, we have been working with chocolate as a way to understand different types of matter. We are getting ever-closer to using our specially-designed, 3D-printed mold to make our own chocolates!

We have been enjoying Community Member of the Week every morning during Morning Meeting, and students have enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about themselves and learn more about each other.

We have learned a lot during our Chanukkah mini-unit! The theme of the unit is miracles. The students have learned what a miracle is and they reflected beautifully on miracles in their own lives. We reviewed the story of Chanukkah and are focusing on the two miracles of Chanukkah: that the oil lasted for eight days and that the small Maccabee army beat the larger Greek army. Students have contemplated and debated which miracle of Chanukkah they felt was the bigger miracle.  


What’s Ahead:

Literacy: After the break, we will begin new units in reading and writing. In reading, we will be using punctuation to help read with fluency and expression. Students will learn to recognize different punctuation and text features as clues to help them read more fluently. In writing, we will be learning more about what a good sentence is. We will be using more complex grammar and punctuation in order to write with more clarity.


Math:  We will continue to work with ones and tens in the abstract and in story problems, and will soon move on to developing fluency with adding and subtracting numbers up to 100.


Theme: In January, we will move on to our geography unit, where we will talk about the purpose of maps and will explore different areas of geography in “concentric circles,” starting with New York City and moving outward to states, regions, countries, continents, and hemispheres!


Judaic Studies:  This coming month in Torah, students will be learning about what was created on Day 6 of Creation. For Day 6, they will learn that God created land animals and people. Students will revisit their artwork for Days 2 and 3 and will add the animals to their proper homes. Next month, we will spend some time on Day 7, Shabbat, and will then move on to the final project for our Bereshit unit. Stay tuned for details about the Bereshit Celebration which will take place in March (date TBD).


Coming Up:

  • Family Chanukah Zimriyah- December 20
  • Winter Break- December 25- January 1st
  • Classes resume Tuesday, January 2nd
  • School is closed Monday, January 15th for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
  • Wednesday, January 17th is Rosh Chodesh Shvat and Pizza Day!