Dear Gan Families,

As usual, the Gan has been very busy learning, playing, and continuing to nourish friendships. Here is a brief look at some of our highlights of Tevet and a look ahead into Sh’vat. Be sure to read our weekly updates every Friday in Daf Yomi!


Literacy:  We completed our unit on storytelling, and our students published incredible stories, complete with characters, settings, problems, and (creative!) solutions. We also finished learning how to write all of the lower case letters and began learning how to “tap” sounds on our fingers to hear the individual sounds in words.

Theme:  In theme, we studied wheat, across disciplines. We used the story of the Little Red Hen as a jumping off point. Other activities included planting seeds, threshing wheat, counting seeds, grinding seeds, making bread, learning the mitzvah of pe’ah (leaving the corners of a field unharvested for those in need), and the recitation of the hamotzi blessing before eating bread.

Jewish Studies:  Along with starting to say hamotzi, we began to recite havdalah on Monday mornings, saying goodbye to Shabbat. We also had a great time visiting the third graders who invited us as guests to their classroom. There, students were paired up with reading buddies. The third grade was studying the story of Avraham and focused on bringing the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim (welcoming guests) to life.

Looking Ahead:

Literacy:  We are continuing our unit on nonfiction, in both reading and writing. Students will learn to identify features of nonfiction texts and understand how they help readers to comprehend a text. Students will also write their own nonfiction books.

Math:  We will continue our unit on addition and subtraction, and towards the end of the month, we will swing back around to geometry, this time focusing on three-dimensional geometry.

Jewish Studies:  We will learn about and celebrate Tu Bishvat, of course. In addition, students will begin to be called up for aliyot to the Torah. We will also continue to add brachot to the amidah. Coming up this month is modim and ha-el hakadosh.

Hebrew:  Our upcoming letters are lamed, mem, and nun. We’ll enjoy making limonada (lemonade), learning a song about a mitriyah (umbrella), and doing art with nekudot (dots).

Theme:  Winter Week will soon be upon us — a week long, interdisciplinary unit all about winter! We’ll have fun with salt and ice, we’ll write about our favorite winter memories and much more. After that unit, we’ll start a new science unit on animal homes.

Upcoming Dates:

Gan Family Kabbalat Shabbat — January 19th