Dear Kitah Bet Parents,

We are back from a restful winter break and as always, Kitah Bet is bustling with lots of learning as well as fun school-wide community activities. Students are in the midst of their grammar unit, learning all about the water cycle, and they are almost finished learning about the creation story. In addition, this talented community of artists and musicians are already super busy getting ready for our Bereshit Celebration on March 7th! They are really looking forward to celebrating this milestone and all of their hard work! Details to come!

Chodesh tov,
Daniella and Yocheved


Just before the break, students presented their Community Maps at our Community and Neighborhood Fair. Students presented to the other elementary students and spoke about the values that inspired their neighborhoods.

On January 5th, Kitah Bet participated in Read 2018 with the 3rd-7th grades. We each brought books to the ulam and read for 2018 seconds, approximately 33.32 minutes.

On January 11th, students participated in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day Program, where they got to discuss the importance of equal rights and the positive changes Dr. King made through his speeches and activism.

Amazing science learning is taking place in 2nd grade! Kitah Bet students have begun learning about the water cycle and have started exploring and experimenting. Students recently learned about precipitation and how there can be a variety of precipitation types, such as rain, sleet, snow, and hail. We are looking forward to even more scientific learning to come!

What’s Ahead:

Literacy:  We have begun our new units in reading and writing. In reading, we are using punctuation to help read with fluency and expression. Students are learning to recognize different punctuation and text features as clues to help them read more fluently. In writing, we are learning more about what a good sentence is. We are using more complex grammar and punctuation in order to write with more clarity.

Math:  Kitah Bet students have been hard at work exploring numbers up to 100. In their activity books, students have been adding and subtracting numbers up to 100. Students have used hundreds charts to jump by tens and add ones, and have been playing games like “Get to 100” and “Collect $1.00” to reinforce their understanding of place value up to 100. Soon, they will be moving beyond 100 and begin investigating larger numbers up to 500.

Science:  In science, students will continue their study of the water cycle. Once they have become experts in precipitation, evaporation, condensation, and evaporation, they will learn about New York City’s clean water supply and what they can do to help conserve it.

Social Studies:  The students have begun a short unit on geography. Kitah Bet students will learn about continents, countries, states, and cities, as well as how to use a map. They will think about where they are on the map with regard to other places in the world.

Torah:  Once students have mastered all six days of creation and shabbat, they will begin working on a mini d’var Torah unit and begin their culminating projects in preparation for our Bereshit Creation Celebration which will be held on Wednesday morning, March 7th. Please make sure to save the date!

Special Projects, Events and Activities:

· Tuesday, January 2nd- Happy Birthday, Ayelet!
· Saturday, January 13th- Happy Birthday, Bela!
· Wednesday, January 17th- Rosh Chodesh Sh’vat- Pizza Day
· Monday January 29th- Happy Birthday, Liat!
· Wednesday, January 31st- Tu B’Shvat
· Thursday, February 1st- Happy Birthday, Avner!
· Wednesday, February 14th- Happy Birthday, Jonah!
· Thursday, February 15th and Friday February 16th- Rosh Chodesh Adar
· Thursday February 15th- Pizza Day