Dear Kitah Aleph Families,

Kitah Aleph has been busy, as usual! We have been hard at work growing as readers, writers, Hebrew learners and engineers! We hope that you have been enjoying our new weekly updates every Friday in Daf Yomi. Read below for some more highlights of the past month, and some of what we are looking forward to for the coming month.

See you soon,
Shai and Rina


After several months of study, exploration, designing, experimentation and building, students built their very own model playground based on what we learned from studying our own local playground. First graders presented their models to members of the Schechter Manhattan community at an engineering exhibition!

Students completed their study of the brachot of the amidah and began preparing for our special Siyum Ha’Amidah, which will take place on January 31st. We can’t wait to see you there!

Kitah Aleph students are creative mathematicians and problem solvers! In math, as we got deeper into the study of addition and subtraction, we began to learn about how to solve word problems with unknown addends. Students have been developing and sharing effective strategies for solving problems and growing in their ability to explain their thinking using both words and pictures. Math games have been helping us to build fluency with addition and subtraction facts.

What’s Ahead:

Fundations (phonics):  We will add “-am” and “-an” to our repertoire of “glued sounds,” chunks that are beneficial to learn as the vowel might have a different sound. We will also introduce the concept of plurals and the -s suffix that can make two different sounds (shop-shops vs. bug-bugs).

Literacy:  We will begin writing “All About” books and exploring non-fiction texts.

Math:  We will begin a unit on measurement, comparing numbers, and fractions.
Jewish Studies: The children in Kitah Aleph are getting so excited for the Siyum Ha’Amidah, on January 31st! Our students have worked so hard to grapple with the meaning of very sophisticated tefilot. Don’t miss this opportunity to join your child in prayer and to hear their reflections on these tefilot.

Hebrew:  We continue to review, read, write and develop our oral fluency skills with the Hebrew letters aleph, sheen, bet, gimmel, daled, heh, vav, zayin, and chet. We are excited to start learning the Hebrew letters tet, yood, and kaf (along with chaf and chaf sofeet). We are also integrating Hebrew language and our study of the upcoming Tu Bishvat holiday through Hebrew Tu Bishvat songs, stories, activities and other experiences.

Science:  We started our unit on animals! Students are exploring the classification of animals, what animals need in order to survive, and how they adapt to their surroundings.

Theme:  As a culmination of our study of transportation in New York City, we will visit the Transit Museum. Our visit will be a unique learning opportunity in which we will explore the history of transportation in NYC and get to build our own vehicles! We will also begin the next section of our unit which will be all about Central Park.

Special Projects, Events, and Activities:

Thursday, January 18: Transit Museum Field Trip (bring paper bag lunch!)
Wednesday, January 31: Siyum Amidah 8:45 a.m