Dear Kitah Bet Parents,

It’s hard to believe that it is almost December, Rosh Chodesh Kislev and Chanukah! The school year is just flying by! The students in Kitah Bet had an exciting month filled with many full weeks of learning. For Theme, we observed our school neighborhood and the many values that neighborhoods and communities have. We had a special visit from city planner Leon Levine, and got to learn about how neighborhoods are set up. In addition, Kitah Bet students are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends and have been spending time thinking about what they are thankful for. In preparation for the election, students learned about the importance of voting and what it takes to be elected mayor. On November 7, we each built our own ideal mayor- exploring the kind of personality, vision and action that a mayor should embody.

December will be an exciting month for our class. We will be looking forward to getting ready for Chanukah!


Daniella and Yocheved


What’s Ahead

Literacy: This month we will wrap up our unit on purposes for writing. By the end of this unit, students will have learned how to write lists, letters, emails, and how-to/instructional writing. Also by the end of the unit, students will have completed how-to/instructional videos, which they will begin working on toward the end of November. Each student will choose a topic that they are experts in and make a short video teaching others how to do something.  After our own viewing party, we will email you a copy of your child’s iMovie. We can’t wait for you to see them!

In mid-November, we will start short units in both reading and writing. In reading, students will learn the importance of reading with stamina and will learn strategies to help improve their stamina as readers. One of the strategies we will focus on is the importance of using comprehension strategies such as visualizing, predicting, making connections, and asking questions to help us move through the hard parts of our books. While students are learning how to build their stamina as readers, they will also learn how to build their stamina as writers. They will learn how to revise their work and add details to make their writing more interesting. The main idea behind this unit is that writing is an ongoing process and there are always ways we can add to our writing and improve it.

Math/Science:  Students will continue their geometry unit. We have been working on halves and will begin exploring thirds, fourths and fractions. In the first weeks of December we will be working with coins and how to combine their values to make $1.00. We will continue to develop fact fluency up to 20 in both addition and subtraction and will continue with story problems, with a focus on place value.

Theme: In our Communities and Neighborhoods unit, students have been learning how to identify both the communities to which they belong, and the values that bind those communities. Next, they will explore how the institutions in a neighborhood reflect the values of the people living there. At the end of the unit, students will create their own original neighborhood maps, showing the institutions that are important to the communities living in that neighborhood.  

Judaic Studies:    This month, we will learn what was created on the first four days of creation. Students will learn how dry land was created, and they will continue to choose hand motions and visuals to represent new vocabulary. Now that we have the “vessels” of light/dark, water/sky, and dry land, students will learn what God created to put in each of those vessels, beginning with the sun, moon, and stars. Students will spend some time focusing on this structure as well as patterns and repetition in the text. Lastly, students will depict days three and four through torn paper collages after completing their study of each day.   

We will begin a mini-unit on Chanukah! The theme of the unit is miracles and the students will learn what a miracle is and they will reflect on miracles in their own lives. They will also review the story of Chanukah and focus on the two miracles of Chanukah: that the oil lasted for eight days and that the small Maccabee army beat the larger Greek army. Students will decide which miracle of Chanukah they feel was the bigger and more important miracle.  


Special Projects, Events and Activities

  • Rosh Chodesh Kislev and Pizza Day- November 20th
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences- December 4th (after school) and 11th (No classes)
  • Chanukah- December 13th- 20th
  • Family Chanukah Zimriyah- December 14th
  • December 20th- Happy Birthday Rony!
  • December 27th- Happy Birthday Yocheved!
  • December 30th- Happy Birthday Arielle and Naomi!
  • Winter Break- December 25- January 1st
  • Classes resume January 2nd