Dear Families,

Gan has had such an exciting and fun month together! Even though it has been filled with holidays, that has not slowed us down! Our Morning Meetings have consisted of a lot more sharing and getting to know each other. Students have had opportunities to ask each other questions and even give compliments!

We have completed our first units in kri’yah (reading) and k’tivah (writing). Through sadna’ot (workshops), students have been able to rotate through writing, reading and even theme and science activities! Students have been using pictures as context clues while reading and have now moved to using fairytale books to take story walks. They have also enjoyed buddy reading! In k’tivah, our Gan students are working on sharing their work with each other, which includes asking questions following the share.

In cheshbon (math), students are working on creating Counting Books, using their own ideas of how to represent a certain number of objects. They have also learned a few math games including Roll and Record, Grab and Count and Built It! Our Gan students continue to have a fantastic time in mada (science), using their senses to observe and measure trunks and bark. They also make sure to keep an eye on our adopted tree as it changes through the seasons.

This month has been a busy, but wonderful one, and we are really looking forward to the next with the start of our new units!

Looking Ahead:

  • As the chaggim (holidays) wrap up, we begin a unit exploring all about Shabbat. The children will have the opportunity to make their own Shabbat boxes, including items like candlesticks, challah cover, and kiddush cup.
  • Our new theme unit on community will also begin shortly! We will start by discussing what it means to be part of a community, first in school, and then moving out to our neighborhood. It will be a unit filled with exploration and discovery.
  • In our new math unit, our students will focus on creating strong number sense in a variety of ways. Through games and small group discussions, students will be able to not only record their findings, but also explain how they arrived at their answers. Math is a time full of exploration and we look forward to seeing students strengthen their skills!


Coming up:

November 10th – No Classes

November 12th – Happy Birthday, Danielle!