Dear Parents,

October has been a busy month for Kitah Bet! We began identifying the traits of the many different roles we have as second graders, and how each of us is an important member of the Kitah Bet community.

In math, we are finishing up our third unit, and have practiced working with coins, telling time to the half hour, and reflecting on our strategies for solving problems.

We started our study of Torah and are beginning to study Bereshit, the first book of the Torah. The students will begin their own creation books, which will be presented later in the year at our Bereshit Celebration. In theme, we are studying Rosh Chodesh and the communities we live in. As the month continues, we will delve deeper into the idea of community and what our communities value. Beginning our year with a heavy focus on our community values and rules allowed us to set the stage for the rich learning we are now busy with!



Daniella and Yocheved



This month, Kitah Bet participated in several activities about the chagim (holidays). We talked about new beginnings and giving each other brachot (blessings) on Rosh Hashanah, second chances and becoming better friends on Yom Kippur, had class-wide and joyful Simchat Torah celebrations, and had a very spirited Hoshanah Rabbah service in which Kitah Bet led Hallel for Kitot Gimmel, Daled, and Heh! Some of the students were nervous to do it in front of the “big kids,” and then proceeded to do a wonderful job.

In science classes with Allison, we have been learning a lot about matter. We have learned about the different properties that solids and liquids have and how they interact with each other. We conducted several experiments dealing with the changing states of matter. Students especially enjoyed creating and separating mixtures using water and cornstarch to make a slurry of white matter.


What’s Ahead:

Literacy: This month, we have begun new units in both reading and writing. In writing, students will learn different purposes for writing. They will experiment with writing lists, letters, emails, and flow charts. In reading, students will learn different reading comprehension strategies. The four strategies that we will focus on are visualization, predicting, questioning, and making connections. During this unit, students will begin using their Reader’s Notebook during class to jot down their ideas. Additionally, they will begin writing reading responses twice a week for homework in their Reader’s Response Journals. Students will also learn how to build their stamina both as readers and writers. As they increase their stamina, they will also learn how to revise their work and add details to make their writing more interesting. The main idea behind this unit is that writing is an ongoing process and there are always ways we can add to our writing and improve it.

Math: In math, students will continue to practice using various tools for problem solving, learn strategies for adding number strings, and engage in activities and games that deepen their understanding of place value. We will work to expand our fluency with higher and higher numbers. Students will also practice identifying odd and even numbers, and discover consistent patterns when they add and subtract odds and evens.

Theme:  In our Communities and Neighborhoods unit, students will be learning how to identify both the communities to which they belong, and the values that bind those communities. After that, they will explore how the institutions in a neighborhood reflect the values of the people living there. At the end of the unit, students will create their own original neighborhood maps, showing the institutions that are important to the communities living in that neighborhood.

Jewish Studies:  This coming month in Torah, we will introduce the concepts of tohu vavohu (chaos) and seder (order). Students will learn that in the beginning, the world was “tohu vavohu” and God’s role in the creation story was to create seder by giving all of his creations a specific place in the world. We will also learn what was created on the first days of creation.

Special Projects, Events and Activities:  

  •  Tuesday, October 24th: Happy Birthday, Zeva!
  •  Wednesday, October 25th: Photo Day
  •  Wednesday, November 1st: Happy Birthday, Aivya!
  •  Monday, November 6th: Happy Birthday, Zac!
  •  Friday, November 10th: No classes  
  •  Sunday, November 12th: Happy Birthday, Daniel!