Dear Kitah Aleph Families,

We had a month full of fun and learning in Kitah Aleph! We are engaged in math games, reading just-right books, writing up a storm, expanding our Hebrew vocabulary, and learning all about the chaggim (holidays).

Here are some details about what we did during this past month:

We completed our review of all of the lowercase letters! Each letter was reviewed with a keyword to support our developing decoding skills as we continue to practice strategies for figuring out how to read and spell all kinds of words.  We have also been practicing our lowercase letter formation using the sky, plane, grass and worm lines to help us remember where each letter starts.

Reading Workshop
We are readers! In Kitah Aleph, we are learning that reading is a skill that extends beyond books. We read our morning message, songs, poems, signs, labels, notes, math problems, etc. Reading is everywhere. These connections we make throughout the day help us to become even stronger readers and writers.

We’ve practiced keeping our focus on sustained reading, and even tracked on a special chart how our stamina is increasing. We discussed and explored what it feels like when a book is just-right for us and also had opportunities to read with partners.

Students in Kitah Aleph were very excited about reading homework and continue to be amazing readers at home. Thank you for your support with this!

Writing Workshop
Our Kitah Aleph authors have been thinking about topics they can write about and getting to know our classroom writing supplies. We’ve been working on dating our writing, using finger spaces between words, stretching out our words, and working independently during writing time. We also talked about how important it is to have three parts to our stories – a beginning, a middle and an end. These important skills will also be reinforced next month in some of our Fundations lessons.

We have been discovering Hebrew letters with much joy and excitement in Kitah Aleph! We have been beginning to read, write and draw the letters sheen and aleph and vocabulary words related to those letters. We have also been practicing to read words and short stories in Hebrew that relate to those letters. We continue to speak, sing, and play games in Hebrew and are further developing our conversation skills.

Chagim (Jewish holidays)
We experienced the chagim of the Hebrew month of Tishrei with all of our senses! We started with listening to the blasts of the shofar and creating our own class shofar during the Shofar Factory experience. We then had a Tashlich trip to the pond near the park and practiced saying slicha (sorry). We continued saying slicha and gmar chatima tova (may you be sealed for the new year) while doing a stamping activity in preparation for Yom Kippur. We explored, examined, touched, and smelled the four minim (four species) of Sukkot. We also ate and sang in the Sukkah. We then studied the inside of a Torah very closely and began asking questions about the Torah. We sang songs for Simchat Torah and of course, danced with the Torah!

Kitah Aleph Students continued learning new math games supporting strategies for addition within 12. Some of these games are “One or Two More”, “Five-in-a-Row” and “Roll-and-Record.” We have also been practicing subitizing, the ability to ‘see’ a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting, through games such as “Double Dot Compare” and “Double Compare.”

Looking Ahead

  • In Fundations, we will practice strategies for decoding a variety of words, learn more about capitalization and punctuation, and retell stories focusing on details and sequence.
  • We will introduce reading groups.
  • “Show-off books” will be sent home for homework. These books provide added practice to reinforce the skills learned in class.
  • We will finish up our first unit in Writing Workshop and publish our work!
  • We will begin solving addition and subtraction story problems, and exploring different strategies for showing how we arrived at our answers.
  • We will begin studying Parshat Hashavua (the weekly Torah portion) from the first book of the Torah: Breisheet!
  • As always, we will continue to discover, read, and speak with more Hebrew letters, words, and stories.


Coming Up:
Wednesday, October 25th–Photo Day
Tuesday, November 7th–Happy Birthday to Juniper!
Friday, November 10th–NO CLASSES. Teacher in-service day
Saturday, November 18th–Happy Birthday to Eli!